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/dms/bianca-pedrina/works/formwork/Formwork_motiv700.jpg Formwork 2020-03-29 10:37



UV Print on Forex, Aluminium rails

200 x 132 cm




Site specific installation for 'PHOTO-dimensions' 30.01. – 11.02.2020

at Galerie Commune in Tourcoing


Felicity Hammond

Constance Nouvel

Bianca Pedrina


by Marine Allibert, PhD student in visual arts, CEAC, Université de Lille

In the years 2010, singular photographic artworks appear in the practices of young contemporary artists. They are distinguished by their way of composing and materializing space on a two- or even three-dimensional plane. These new "three-dimensional photographic practices" require special attention and question our usual conceptions of photography. What do they consist of? What images and forms do they produce?