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Permanently Incomplete

7’32“ Video


Video of a bus ride  took from Gwangju Center to

Gwangju Songjeong Station in 2018.
The ride was accompanied by a complementary city guide by the Gwangju Biennale.

Found footage consisting of renderings that depict either realized urban development projects in South Korea, failed investment projects or concept art of so-called Neo Seoul for the movie Cloud Atlas by various artists.

The city guide was speaking about the railway system in Korea which was built by the Japanese during their occupation.

He told us that they not only installed the system to move around easier but also to steal commodities more efficiently from the Korean People.
He talks about how the Gwangju Station, as well as residential buildings, were built by the Japanese and how they were demolished again by the South Korean Government in the early 2010's.
The video ends with him mentioning the democratic movement in the 1980’s. also known as the Gwangju Uprising.